Documentaries have the power to move us. Quite simply, when we see a slice of someone’s life, we are reminded of our own journey. Documentaries can also be great tools to enlighten us on cultures, industries or social issues that we would have no access to otherwise.

We find compelling documentaries for clients. These are films that align with your mission, goals and values. We wrap an event around this documentary and drive the right target audience to attend and enjoy the film experience.

We invite you to attend one of our documentary events and feel the power of great storytelling through film.  These events are opportunities to pull people together around a topic and get them into one space to either inform them about your cause or your product.

Please reach out to learn more on how Documentary Events can be a strategic offering as part of your overall marketing plan.

Comments from our event sponsor, DM Psychotherapy Services and guests after viewing The Connection, by filmmaker Shannon Harvey, one of the documentaries we have screened.